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My Teaching Philosophy Essay - 637 Words

My Teaching Philosophy Educational technology is a driving force to restructure schools. Technology is an appealing medium which can potentially facilitate effective teaching and learning as well as increase efficiency and productivity. At present, a variety of technologies are available to assist learners in the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Many of the new technologies can support research, analysis, problem-solving, and communication process more effectively than the traditional resources. The value of the educat ional technology should not go unnoticed. Teachers teach as they have been taught. If we want to infuse technology in education, we must teach teachers to use technology in an effective manner, and keep them†¦show more content†¦From my experience working with teachers in the local school districts, especially the Milwaukee Public Schools, I developed sound strategies. I accommodated both teachers and students needs in using technology. I provide them with positive experiences that they can benefit from. I teamed up with the local technology c oordinators to survey teachers needs and provided them with meaningful and manageable tasks and pointed them a right direction to locate solutions. I sent student teachers to work with the technology-using cooperating teachers to consolidate such techno logical experience. By doing so, I have formed a local technology force for teachers to share concerns and experiences and help each other. I have also developed strong leadership among teachers by approaching them and talking to them instead of waiting for them to come to me. My professional goals and interests in the coming years. From my contact with teachers, I have noticed that most teachers have a blind faith in computers. That is, although most teachers are not familiar with computers or do not know how to integrate computers into curricula, they believe in the power and good ness of computers for education. It is crucial that we, the university faculty, provide leadership to school teachers, help them understand the value of computer technology and learn to integrate computers in their work. My researchShow MoreRelatedMy Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy911 Words   |  4 PagesTeaching Philosophy When I think about my teaching philosophy, I think of a quote by Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek writer and philosopher. Kazantzakis states, â€Å"True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.† In my classroom, I will provide an environment that shows I am a â€Å"true teacher.† Philosophy of Discipline I believe that children learn best andRead MoreMy Philosophy Of Teaching For Teaching932 Words   |  4 PagesWhen I was learning about teaching in college classes my philosophy of education was different than when I actually started doing my student teaching. As soon as a teacher enters the classroom, it should be his/her second home. Teaching is a field of occupation where teacher needs have these two personality traits: patience and flexibility. Not all teachers are same thus each has their unique way of teaching students. My philosophy for teaching is very simple and fair. I would like to incorporateRead MoreMy Philosophy : My Teaching Philosophy893 Words   |  4 PagesMy Teaching Philosophy Since Koreans started to learn English, thousands of people have struggled to master the language. Parents currently invest a lot of money and their children spend enormous amounts of time studying English as government suggests new language policies. However, proper verification and investigation of those policies have not been done yet and the outlet is really not promising (Suh, 2007). Most Korean students study English for tests. The purpose of English is so focused onRead MoreMy Teaching Philosophy : My Personal Philosophy Of Teaching932 Words   |  4 Pages This is my personal philosophy of teaching. This is my belief about teaching and learning and how I will put my beliefs into classroom practices. First and foremost, the purpose of education is to educate students so that they can be ready for the real world. It should prepare students for life, work, and citizenship. To do this, education should teach one to think creatively and productively. In addition to preparing students for the real world, all students should be able to read and comprehendRead MoreTeaching Philosophy : My Philosophy1100 Words   |  5 PagesTeaching Philosophy: Lauren Gross EDUC 120 Learn to Teach, Learn to Learn. / Use the past to teach the future ( That is my philosophy) Theory helps teachers think about what we experience and furthermore to teach and learn about how we, as educators, learn. Teachers should be supportive and cooperative, teachers should play the role of a friend, but also stealthily act in the role of advisor or guide for students. Teachers should live by existing educational theories, but also be able to createRead MoreMy Philosophy : Teaching Philosophy1071 Words   |  5 PagesAfter reading Professor Varis teaching philosophy it is quite evident he takes great consideration for his students and their learning opportunities. As I reflect on and review my understanding and my learning philosophy I am given the chance to reflect on past classes and possibly what could have been different on my behalf and the professor’s behalf. Also at this time I relish the opportunity to contimplate what my values, principles, achievement skills and also my expectations for this class areRead MoreMy Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy1145 Wor ds   |  5 PagesMy teaching philosophy is to engage in a mutual exchange of knowledge with the students. I believe that through helping students to develop skills of critical reflection and critical thinking they will become able to carry out innovative research and also succeed in work beyond academia. Through interactive teaching methods such as group work, role play, and joint presentations I seek not only to encourage students to engage with me as an instructor, but also to exchange and discuss ideas with theirRead MoreMy Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy1888 Words   |  8 PagesTeaching Philosophy My philosophy of education is founded on the core principle that all children should have equal access to a quality education that will prepare them for higher education and to be contributing members of society. Schools were founded on the primary principle of teaching values to students as well as educating them academically. While values have been removed from the curriculum, I still believe much of what we do as teachers is instilling values in our students. As educators,Read MoreMy Teaching Philosophy1217 Words   |  5 Pagesis at the elementary school level. My current goal is to either teach the 4th or 5th grade level. Moreover, throughout the semester I have read about or seen different philosophies through the observations I have done throughout the semester. While reading chapter 6 in the class text I thought to myself, as an educator what will be teaching philosophy that best suited my beliefs. Moreover, in chapter 6 there was a test where one would figure out their phil osophy according to the test result. For meRead MoreMy Teaching Philosophy1088 Words   |  5 PagesSince the beginning of my academic career, teaching has always been an important part of my academic duties. The interaction that I have with students is not only enjoyable to me, but it also gives me an invaluable perspective on the subjects I am teaching. Since I started my position at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, I have tutored in four classes across three semesters and supervised two projects, as detailed in my CV. I am also tutoring two new undergraduate classes in

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Sigmund Freud s Influence On Psychology - 1115 Words

Sigmund Freud was born in Frieberg, Moravia, in 1956. Four years later, he moved to Vienna, where he would continue to live and work for much of his life. He was a brilliant student and entered the University of Vienna when he was seventeen, with a plan to study law. However, he ended up deciding to join the medical faculty, where his studies included philosophy, physiology, and zoology. He graduated in 1881 with an M.D. He married Martha Bernays in 1886, and had six children, the youngest of which, Anna, would grow up to be a distinguished psychologist in her own right. Shortly after his marriage, Freud set up a private practice to treat psychological disorders. Through experiences with his practice and consulting with various friends also in the field, Freud began to develop the idea that many neuroses (such as phobias, some forms of paranoia, etc.) originated in extremely traumatic experiences in the patient’s past that they had repressed and forgotten. If he could get a patient to recall this trauma, then their consciousness would be able to confront it and defeat it. Throughout this development of theories, Freud was writing an assortment of papers, and he produced his most famous work, The Interpretation of Dreams, in 1900. His theory was not initially well received, as many people were scandalized by the emphasis that Freud placed on sexuality. However, acceptance gradually began to creep in, after 1916, when he published Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis, Freud’sShow MoreRelatedSigmund Freud s Influence On Psychology1131 Words   |  5 PagesSigmund Freud By Sarah Kaden Sigmund Freud was born in Frieberg, Moravia, in 1956. Four years later, his family moved to Vienna, where he would continue to live and work for much of his life. He was a brilliant student and entered the University of Vienna when he was seventeen, with a plan to study law. However, he decided to study medicine, where his subjects included philosophy, physiology, and zoology. He graduated in 1881 with an M.D. He married Martha Bernays in 1886, and had six childrenRead MoreSigmund Freud s Influence On Psychology751 Words   |  4 PagesSigmund Freud was born, May 6, 1856, and died 23 September, 1939. He was beyond a doubt one of the founding fathers of modern psychology. Sigmund Freud examined the human mind more in depth than anyone before him. His contributions to psychology are immeasurable. He was very influential throughout the twentieth century. His theories, and research have influenced not only psychology, but many other areas of culture, including the way people raise their children even today. Freud influenced languageRead MoreMoore 1. Kristen Moore. Mrs. Kristy French. English Iii1443 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Relevancy of Freudian Psychology When one unintentionally says something that reveals their thoughts, this is known as a Freudian Slip. When one is being uptight and hostile, they are said to be acting â€Å"anal.† If one witnesses something embarrassing, they claim they hope to repress the memory. If one is a moody, maladaptive worrywart, they are said to be neurotic. All of these common colloquial terms go back to a 19th-20th century psychologist named Sigmund Freud. Freud published a myriad of theoriesRead MoreSigmund Freud s Life Of Psychology And Psychoanalysis1330 Words   |  6 Pagesonly if is related to psychoanalysis said Sigmund Freud, a pioneer in the world of psychology and psychoanalysis (Sigmund Freud - Life and Work.). Freud had a passion for the mind. Not just the mind of the average man but also the minds of the sick and tortured souls. He built his life around knowledge and manipulation of others minds to give them peace and reach understanding. Though he has been condemned as a cult leader and a fraud, Sigmund Freud is undisputedly the most influential personRead MoreSigmund Freud s Theory Of Psychoanalysis1339 Words   |  6 PagesSigmund Freud Biographic Description of Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud was born on May 6, 1856 in Freiberg (currently known as Czech Republic). Freud is best known as the founder of psychoanalysis, which entails a scientific analysis of unpacking unconscious conflicts based on free associations, fantasies, and dreams of the patient. He was among the greatest psychologists of the 20th century, and his legacy lasts up to now. While young (4 years old), his family relocated to Vienna where he lived andRead More Sigmund Freud Essay796 Words   |  4 Pages Sigmund Freud In the 1920s, the world was changing dramatically. Underground salons were built, new architecture was used and modern dance was introduced. If it were not for certain people, the world would not be the way it is today. In the twenties, new theories and ideas in science and psychology were being presented daily. Sigmund Freud changed the world of psychology by presenting new and controversial ideas on psychology and having his theories published. Freud broke cultural boundaries asRead MoreSigmund Freud And Humanistic Theories Of Psychology1636 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The reading of personality has a thick layer of theories in psychology and is one of the most important fragments of psychological history to this day. This paper will compare and contrast the differences between the great theories of the psychodynamic theory from Sigmund Freud and the humanistic theory from Carl Rogers. These two theorists have different views of how personality is developed, with both theorists influencing the world of psychological personality to this day. DisputesRead MoreFreud And The Unconscious Mind997 Words   |  4 PagesFreud and the Unconscious Mind Known widely as the Father of modern psychology, there is not a scholar in the current history of psychology that has been so widely debated, criticised or had as much influence on our current ways of thinking and understanding layman’s psychology as Sigmund Freud. To put into context his vast influence, consider the term ‘Freudian Slip’ a phrase so innocuous yet extremely telling of the vast influence of Sigmund Freud on our everyday life. Freud represents a layman’sRead MoreSigmund Freud And Its Impact On 20th Century Ego Psychology Essay1518 Words   |  7 Pages Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis and the impact on 20th Century Ego Psychology Meghan Laubengeyer Temple University Psychologist, psychoanalyst, doctor of medicine, and author, Sigmund Freud’s contributions to the world of science and psychology were far from limited. The self and widely regarded scientist was born in Friedberg in 1856 where he lived before moving to Vienna, Germany, where he would later produce founding revelations at the birth of psychology as a scienceRead MoreThe Theory Of Personality Psychology1019 Words   |  5 Pageslike a big stew mixed with emotions, behaviors, and patterns of thought that truly define a person. Personality Psychology is the study of these different patterns among a group of people or culture. The studies of psychology started from Hippocrates’ theory that argues that personality traits are based on four different sections. This heavily influenced modern personality psychology. Three important psychologists helped shape the way humans define the term personality. Alfred Adler is one of these

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Essay on tuition - 2308 Words

College Education nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;College education is a highly talked about subject among the presidents. For many years college education was not highly sought after or looked for, then when people who did go to college started getting better paying jobs than everyone else more and more people started to go to college. Since college is such a hot commodity these days the price of a college education is on a steady rise. Some experts have a very strong opinion as to why college education is on a rise and some believe that that it is not on the rise. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;To begin to understand this issue, we have to first examine the history and the context from which it arose. The rise of tuition is mainly due in†¦show more content†¦Later on in the same article the author states, â€Å"But while both candidates have offered an array of new financing plans, many analysts worry that neither man’s proposals will come close to what is necessary to make college more accessible and affordable for everyone.† If the candidates can’t make college more affordable then the proposals don’t make any sense. They should come up with proposals that will actually help student and parents pay for college instead of just making proposals for the sake of making proposals. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Bush has made a lot of promises, but one that I hope he holds to is one made in the article Opening the College Gates where it says, â€Å"Bush pledges to increase student aid by six percent and will try to link federal aid more closely to academics by offering a one thousand dollar scholarship to Pell recipients who take college-prep classes in high school, along with five thousand dollars more in aid to students who study math and science in college.† If he holds up this claim then a lot more people will be able to hopefully afford college and keep enrollment rates up. On the other hand, â€Å"Kerry plans to give tax credits on the first four thousand dollars of tuition to all college students whose parents earn less than one hundred thousand dollars. The credit would cover one hundredShow MoreRelatedRising College Tuition1114 Words   |  4 PagesTuition on the Rise: A Cause of Turmoil Today colleges are growing more and more necessary for attaining a solid path towards a successful career, yet the rapidly increasing cost of tuition is driving students away from their dream of attending college, due to the preposterous amount of money that is now being demanded by colleges across the nation and world as a whole. It is sad to see students being turned away from a successful future due to the money-hungry nature of the universities that dotRead MoreThe Rise Of College Tuition1344 Words   |  6 Pageshigh school diploma does not meet the requirements that society itself is looking for to accomplish one s American Dream. Everyone desires and dream to go to college with the hope to be successful; but with the fact that the skyrocketing college tuition is increasing every year might turn those dreams into nightmares. There are many research have been proven that the main factors which cause the high cost of postsecondary education was the lack of funding from governme nt, increase of students asRead MoreThe Rise Of College Tuitions1937 Words   |  8 PagesThe sudden rise of college tuitions began right after the recession in 2008. Many people lost their jobs, and their current jobs were not paying well enough for them to survive through this devastating time. More people turned to higher education and college tuition began to rise because obtaining college majors will guarantee a higher pay other than minimum wage. This downturn didn’t end here because over the years, tuition rose even higher. In 2014, the debt for college students reached to 1.2Read MoreThe Issue Of Rising College Tuition Essay1289 Words   |  6 Pagesproblem was an effective way for a group to decide upon a solution. Even though our group was unexperienced using the Standard Agenda, we were able to use each other’s strengths to improve the quality of our discussion about the issue of rising college tuition. Looking back to previous projects, I can see how our group has grown to better understand the methods of effective group work. While there were both beneficial and impeding forces at work in the task and social processes, I feel that overall ourRead MoreThe High Cost of College Tuition540 Words   |  2 PagesCollege Tuition The cost of college education in the 21st century is absolutely ridiculous. although colleges have to make money to support things like sports, it is making it so more and more kids arent going to college, and the kids who do go are coming out with huge amounts of debt. People who go to college arent coming out with the job that they think they deserve, which is leading to lower income, and a harder time paying off their college debt. The first part of this paper is going toRead MoreRaising Tuition Rates1074 Words   |  4 PagesRaising Tuition Rates Tuition rates have been rising exponentially since â€Å"World War II and the GI Bill†¦Ã¢â‚¬  which allowed for, â€Å"†¦an explosive increase in the number and proportion of Americans who go to college† (Nathan 148). This change, though largely due to inflation, has been rising past what families can afford to pay, and has led to difficulties for students exiting high school. These difficulties have been seen by campuses, and many already have a plan to help these students pay for the rocketingRead MoreThe Debate On College Tuition Essay951 Words   |  4 PagesThe Debate on College Tuition In our country, several young students in pursuit of a higher education, must work overtime at the local McDonalds, flipping burgers, to pay for their college tuition; while trying to juggle school work and study time during their limited free time. Meanwhile these students live in a country who has buried itself trillions in debt with no end in sight. Sadly, this is the environment that sets up the impassioned debate on whether college tuition should be free in ourRead MoreShould State Tuition Be Regulated?1670 Words   |  7 PagesShould State Tuition be Regulated? In 2003, the 78th Legislature of Texas passed House Bill (HB) 3015, also known as the â€Å"Tuition Deregulation† bill. This bill, which took effect on September 1, 2003, transferred authority over the regulation of tuition of state universities from the Texas Legislature to the University Board of Regents. This exchange decreased state funding for Texas Universities, but allowed the individual institutions to compensate for the deficit by increasing tuition. This authorityRead MoreCollege Tuition Should Be Regulated915 Words   |  4 PagesAs a freshman college student I believe that college tuition is much higher compared to what it used to be. One reason why it continues to increase is mainly because of the significant amount of loans that are borrowed by college students but are not getting paid back; however, does anyone ever wonder where does the money that is put into colleges go to? College professors are not the reason that college cost so much; in addition to, the m oney also goes towards sport teams, scholarships, and constructionRead MoreCollege Tuition Should Be Regulated897 Words   |  4 PagesAs a freshman college student, I believe that college tuition is much higher compared to what it used to be. One reason why it continues to increase is mainly because of the significant amount of loans that is being borrowed by college students but is not getting paid back. However, does anyone ever wonder where does the money put into colleges go to? College professors are not the reason that college cost so much; in addition to, the money also goes towards sport teams, scholarships, and construction

McMurphy is Not a Christ Figure in Ken Keseys One Flew...

McMurphy is Not a Christ Figure in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Literary fiction is littered with references to Christianity. It is very obviously a large and influential force in the western world so it is hardly surprising that a novel such as One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, which is so questioning of our society and moral values, should be so full of references to what is arguably the basis of these values. What the question asks, however, is if the character of McMurphy is portrayed as a Christ figure. A Christ figure being a reflection of the New Testament messiah within the characters actions, beliefs and effect on those around him. The figure will then redeem his followers, lead them to salvation, be†¦show more content†¦The number of men that accompany McMurphy are twelve; the same number of Christs disciples, many of whom were fishermen . During the fishing the men come into themselves, following McMurphys lead when he uses the `advantage in Hardings words of mental illness to intimidate and outwit two gas-station a ttendants ` The doc wouldnt lie like that about just any patients, but we aint ordinary nuts; were every bloody one of us hot of the criminal insane ward, on our way to San Quentin. As the men and the doctor grow in confidence McMurphy retreats further into the background , allowing the men to individually challenge themselves and grow. For example when there are too few life jackets McMurphy does not do as most heroes would and go without, instead he forces another of the men to do so and assert themselves, in the Chiefs words ` It started slow and pumped itself full, swelling the men bigger and bigger. Further allusion to Christs life comes when McMurphy and the Chief are disturbed following the incident in the shower room protecting George from the violence of the aides. This trial and punishment mirrors that of Christs. A patient on the ward is heard to say ` I wash my hands repeatedly, the words of Pontious Pilate. As McMurphy is given EST his head is `anointed with conductant before he is given a `Crown of Thorns. There is a curious inconsistency with the comparison of McMurphy and Christ,Show MoreRelated Christ-like McMurphy in Ken Keseys One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest1379 Words   |  6 PagesThe Christ-like McMurphy in Ken Keseys One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Ken Kesey utilizes Jesus Christ as a constant symbol throughout One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. The protagonist of the story acts as a model and leader for other characters in the book, just as Christ was for his disciples. It is appropriate that such a leader would be closely associated with a powerful, and worshiped figure. Keseys use of Christ associates the ideas or theories in One Flew Over the Cuckoos NestRead MoreOne Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Literary Analysis1003 Words   |  5 PagesFreedom can be obtained through the defiance of society’s expectations to find a sense of individuality. Ken Kesey’s ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ is a novel originally published in 1962, which centres on the lives of patients in a psychiatric hospital. Symbolism, one of the many techniques, was incorporated into the novel, to convey the main ideas of freedom, and society versus individual. Motifs and symbols are vaguely different, in a sense that motifs are symbols unique to the novel, whereasRead MoreOne Flew over the Cuckoos Nest - Analytical Essay811 Words   |  4 PagesEssay – One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest. Ken Keseys One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest is a creation of the socio-cultural context of his time. Social and cultural values, attitudes and beliefs informed his invited reading of his text. Ken Kesey was a part of The Beat generation and many of their ideologies and the socio cultural context of U.S post WWII were evident through characters and various discourses throughout One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest, giving us his invited reading. Ken Kesey isRead MoreGeorge Orwell s One Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest2635 Words   |  11 PagesGrace Wang Period 3 Humanities V 4/17/2015 Defending Controversial Novels Essay Draft Kesey Flew East, His Critics Fly West: They’ve All Missed the Merit in the Cuckoo’s Nest â€Å"There s something about taking a plow and breaking new ground. It gives you energy† (Kesey qtd. in Sova 244). This energy, however, comes with a cost, as demonstrated by Kesey’s revolutionary novel One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. In the process of writing the book, Kesey embarked with ambitious goal of ultimately reshapingRead MoreDiscourses of Conformity in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest and Advice to Young Ladies1200 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout the novel ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ written by Ken Kesey, and the poem ‘Advice to Young Ladies’ crafted by A.D. Hope, there is evidence to suggest that the discourses represented by the characters in the novel and poem unveil the ways discourses of conformity underpin the characters’ actions, perceptions and motives, as well as inviting and silencing beliefs, attitudes and values. The author and poet are able to strongly convey their beliefs to the reade r from their personal experiencesRead MoreEssay on One Flew Over the Crucifix1969 Words   |  8 PagesHospital, Ken Kesey was stricken with an idea that would later turn into his first novel. That novel, entitled One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, went on to become his most famous work and a celebrated piece of modern American fiction (Lupack 566). One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest tells the story of a mental hospital which is running quite smoothly until a new patient enters the ward and sets chaos in motion. This new patient, McMurphy, disagrees with the rules of the ward’s authority figure, Nurse RatchedRead MoreThe Role of Men and Women in Ken Keseys One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest1181 Words   |  5 Pagestext of Ken Kesey’s novel, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, in many ways, conforms to the structure of conventional male myth and asks the reader to accept that myth as a heroic pattern. From a masculinist perspective, it offers a charismatic h ero in Randle Patrick McMurphy, a figure of spiritual strength and sexual energy, whose laughter restores the patients of the mental institution to life and confounds the combine’s â€Å"machines,† or authoritarians. However, the struggle between McMurphy and NurseRead More Ken Keseys One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Essay1160 Words   |  5 PagesKen Keseys One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Ken Keseys use of symbolism in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest transforms the novel and the hospital within the novel a microcosm of society, a battle between the sane and insane, the conformist and the non-conformist. Randle McMurphys arrival influenced the lives of almost every person, whether patient or employee. Whether or not his motives and actions were moral or good-hearted is difficult to conclude, however. On one hand, he undoubtedly savedRead MoreOne Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest1765 Words   |  8 Pages A novel based off of a nursery rhyme must be peaceful and cheerful right? Not according to Ken Kesey. In his kaleidoscopic novel, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Kesey introduces the reader to a plethora of kooky, loony, and downright absurd situations, all the while being set in a mental hospital in the 1960’s. Kesey adventures in experimenting with elements of an entirely new literary time period, Post-Modernism. By using an overabundance of tones that, to the ordinary author, would be insaneRead MoreOne Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest Essay1604 Words   |  7 Pages The Truth Even If It Didn’t Happen: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest By: Aubree Martinez Period 1 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey is one of the greatest novels of the 1960s that expertly uses mental illness, rebellion, and abused authority to captivate the readers. This book is densely populated with interesting characters, such as the new admission R.P. McMurphy, that makes you dive below the surface of sanity, rebellion, and authoritative issues that are spread throughout

True Love Free Essays

Every moment we spent togetherHas touched our lives, our souls foreverThe things that we shared and learnedIs permanent growth that we’ve earned. The person that I have grown into todayDid not get there by chance, no wayI am who I am partly because of youAnd you are YOU because of me, tooThe changes I seeand what I have learned about meare a response to how we affected our livesand what we discover in each others eyes. It is uncertain if we have to part or one day live together Either way, we have touched our lives forever! No matter what the future will showNo matter what we are told. We will write a custom essay sample on True Love or any similar topic only for you Order Now We are connected on such a deep levelsThat no one can remove that, not even the devil. Our feelings might be different a year from nowBut you are part of me forever somehowA part of me will always be you and a part of you will always be me. no matter what happens ,that much is certain our souls are one until life closes the curtain. I will love your foreverFor worse or for betterYou are tattooed in my heart And nothing can tear our souls apart. Source: Forever Connected, True Love Poem http://www. familyfriendpoems. com/poem/forever-connected#ixzz2RErIYwFpwww. FamilyFriendPoems. om Every moment we spent togetherHas touched our lives, our souls foreverThe things that we shared and learnedIs permanent growth that we’ve earned. The person that I have grown into todayDid not get there by chance, no wayI am who I am partly because of youAnd you are YOU because of me, tooThe changes I seeand what I have learned about meare a response to how we affected our livesand what we discover in each others eyes. It is uncertain if we have to part or one day live together Either way, we have touched our lives forever! No matter what the future will showNo matter what we are told. We are connected on such a deep levelsThat no one can remove that, not even the devil. Our feelings might be different a year from nowBut you are part of me forever somehowA part of me will always be you and a part of you will always be me. no matter what happens ,that much is certain our souls are one until life closes the curtain. I will love your foreverFor worse or for betterYou are tattooed in my heart And nothing can tear our souls apart. Source: Forever Connected, True Love Poem http://www. familyfriendpoems. com/poem/forever-connected#ixzz2RErIYwFpwww. FamilyFriendPoems. om Every moment we spent togetherHas touched our lives, our souls foreverThe things that we shared and learnedIs permanent growth that we’ve earned. The person that I have grown into todayDid not get there by chance, no wayI am who I am partly because of youAnd you are YOU because of me, tooThe changes I seeand what I have learned about meare a response to how we affected our livesand what we discover in each others eyes. It is uncertain if we have to part or one day live together Either way, we have touched our lives forever! No matter what the future will showNo matter what we are told. We are connected on such a deep levelsThat no one can remove that, not even the devil. Our feelings might be different a year from nowBut you are part of me forever somehowA part of me will always be you and a part of you will always be me. no matter what happens ,that much is certain our souls are one until life closes the curtain. I will love your foreverFor worse or for betterYou are tattooed in my heart And nothing can tear our souls apart. Source: Forever Connected, True Love Poem http://www. familyfriendpoems. com/poem/forever-connected#ixzz2RErIYwFpwww. FamilyFriendPoems. com True love My first true love was Zachery Kyle Sutterfield I remember the day we met When I first met you, I felt like I had known you forever Both shy, but wanted to talk. Every moment we have spent together Has touched our lives and souls forever The things that we share and learn Is permanent growth that we earn. The person that I have grown into today Did not get there by chance, no way I am who I am partly because of you You are YOU because of me, too. The changes I see What I have learned about me A response to how we have affected out lives What we discover in each other eyes. We are connected on a such a deep level How to cite True Love, Papers True Love Free Essays string(48) " that will make both of our problems disappear\." Alex True Love This is something that divides us as humans, with quite a lot of gray area in the middle. You will find people that swear to the truth of this and others that try to finally prove it false. Right now I see myself in the grey area, questioning. We will write a custom essay sample on True Love or any similar topic only for you Order Now Does true love exist? Is it possible for everyone? I am not sure even what this is seeing as I have yet to be in love. I have often asked myself if there was a one true love for me and if someone somewhere was pulling the strings just right so that I would meet them or not. In recent years the divorce rate in America has gone up. Some say this is because women have become more independent and no longer feel the need to stay with a man in order to survive. I think that Americans have lost faith in an Ancient belief, true love. Or maybe the problem is that we are searching for something that doesn’t exist. Can true love scientifically be proven? Is there something in our body that tells us when we are in love? If we could find a way to prove that true love exists can we tell when two people are really in love? Do we really want to know? If someone that we love dies can we get married again? Love Poem iframe class="wp-embedded-content" sandbox="allow-scripts" security="restricted" style="position: absolute; clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px);" src="" data-secret="XyS0mWqBaX" width="500" height="282" title="#8220;Love Poem#8221; #8212; Free Essays -" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no"/iframe Can there be more than one person in your life that you have loved, love, or will love? I want to look into why this is different for everyone. I expect to find what makes us believe in something when most of us can say we have never experienced it. How did this belief come about? Is it possible to fall in love no matter the appearance, gender, or race? I know we all have our prejudices but perhaps true love is the bridge over these barriers. Polygamists treat their wives like property but still say they love them. If you truly love someone how should you treat them? I think that scientific research will show that love does exist and that you can fall in love multiple times in a life. Fate is something that can’t really be proven. I also am hoping to find how the idea of a true love came about. I don’t think that an interview will help much because it varies so much from person to person. What I want to accomplish is to focus on three main points for my paper. First, can true love be scientifically proven? I also want to go into how it has proved the existence of love? (I believe they have)Second, why do we believe in true love in the first place? Third, has America lost sight of the idea of true love or are we focusing on it too much? There is a lot more I could go into but these are my main three. To begin, I first need to establish what true love is. While I am trying to figure out if this proposed phenomenon actually exists, for this section I will assume that it does. This basis will allow for proof or disproof. Getting everyone to agree on one definition is impossible, so I hope to highlight a couple. First, I wanted to find an article on the Christian view of how to find true love. Since most of the population in America is made up of Christians, I felt that it was important that this view was included. It begins with the famous verse from Corinthians, â€Å"Love is patient, love is kind†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This is a view that many people hold dear to their hearts. This article is more of a guide for Christians on how to find true love and tells that in order to find true love that we need to do three things. First, the article says to read the bible and find what to look for in love. Next, honesty is needed with ourselves and the one we love. Finally, to be ready to commit for a lifetime and understand what this commitment means. The view of this article is that love lasts forever and that unless you are looking for the right qualities that you won’t ever find it. While this is only one opinion, it is quite standard. The next definition needed comes from the opposite direction, science. This article from CNN states that researchers from Stony Brook University have proved the existence of lasting love. Their research focused on new lovers and couples that have been together for around 20 years. They analyzed the chemical reactions when the person was shown a picture of their loved one. Old research had found that the chemical reaction in new lovers fade within 15 months and is gone after 10 years. Somehow, these scientists managed to find a few couples that defied these statistics. !0 percent of the couples that had been together for twice the amount of time that their love was supposed to fade by had reactions the same as a new couple. This definition of true love is based on time and fact but it is just as real as an immeasurable definition. This next source is called â€Å"7 Myths of Happily Ever After† by Blair Justice. This is an article about how Americans view perfect relationships (incorrectly). Instead of looking at a definition, this looks at common misconceptions. The first is about how all people look for that person to live happily ever after with. It states that we all are searching for that unconditional love, futilely. We shouldn’t have that unconditional love between us and our partner in order to have that â€Å"perfect relationship. † Then, that when there is true love between two people that they should not have to tell the other what they want. Third we search for someone with the same problems that we have and that will make both of our problems disappear. You read "True Love" in category "Papers" Maybe he/she will even understand and that will be enough. Fourth, don’t go to bed angry. An unhealthy relationship would be if you never slept away from your partner after an argument. As long as you are not running away and can try and put the heat of the argument behind you. Fifth, we never talk. We actually talk a lot but we need to learn how to communicate better. Sixth, he will change after we are married. We need to get rid of the illusion of changing our partner later. This entire article tells pretty much what Americans view as true love. The question that is brought up by all these wrong beliefs is, if we change how we think about love can we find it? What the focus needs to shift to is recognizing this love. When you fall in love you head in full force. You devote all of your attention to that one person and nothing else. The passion and heat takes over. This is not true love, though. True love is the kind that lasts; this heat we all feel in the beginning of a relationship will always fade. If there were a device to prolong this feeling, it would be coveted by all. How do we act when we are truly in love? In this article from Christian Answers gives a list on how to know when you are in love. The first step to having a true relationship is establishing that what you have is exclusive. By telling your partner that you want to be with them and only them shows that you are ready to commit fully. Next you say that this is the best relationship that you have had. It is like starting a new chapter in your life where you can only go forward. Then, once you are past the lets go anywhere stage and the stage where you stand up for yourself, this article says that you can accept the other person’s interests to partake in them sometimes as well. The article says that you must accept the other person’s beliefs enough to not oppose them. You also have to just be able to enjoy the other person’s company enough that doing nothing together is like a break from the rest of the world, even though you are with him/her. Lastly, it lists that you have to show that you are comfortable being yourself in front of them. Overall I believe that this is a good list of how to recognize true love. There are many people loosing the sight of true love and this can be represented by the amount of divorces in the United States. When two people get married, most say that they will be married forever. Some hold on to the view of happily ever after, while others are more realistic about their life after marriage. One thing that we have to accept is the ending of marriage. While many people say that 50% of all marriages in America end in goodbye, this is not entirely correct, this article states. The facts do show that if the current trend continues that we may even surpass this number. We loose sight of the hope for true love for many reasons. The main reason in this short article is childlessness. â€Å"The absence of children leads to loneliness and weariness†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This last article is called â€Å"True Love? Forget it! † This article argues that true love does not exist. The author, Lynn Truss, says that we often use the non-existence of a perfect partner as an excuse to not find love at all. If someone was â€Å"just looking for the right person† they might pass up on several people that might not be perfect, but are perfect for them. The definition of love is given as what you do with what you’ve got. We often have unrealistic views of love and this is because of two things. First, love is deeply placed in human nature and we see love as something we find. Actually, he states, love is something we create, an achievement. So this article is saying that we make up true love to fill a void in our life that everyone has. Love is something we make not something we just bump into. To turn this last topic around I would like to highlight a girl that never gave up on love, even if it hurt. Nancy Rue says in her book, Coping with Dating Violence that abuse happens in many ways. Sometimes the guy doesn’t want to lose the girl and sometimes he has anger issues. What I was interested in was why women tend to stay with these men when they aren’t treating them right. This book states that women often blame themselves for the abuse. What I am interested in is the fact that some stay because, in the beginning, it was perfect and they were so in love. Was this true love that just went wrong or a facade from the beginning? When girls fall in love with this boy they are really falling in love with him, she states. When a girl is being abused by the â€Å"mental illness† that the boy has. During this process I learned a lot, but not as much as I wanted to. Next year I will have to write a ton of papers. While this project was interesting, I don’t see it preparing me for the future. I already know how to research, so hat was one of the easiest parts. The main thing that I learned from this project was MLA format. I have worked with many kinds of formats before so it was good to be able to focus on just this one. What I really liked about what I did was the quality of research although I wish that I had the time to get more. I also make summaries daily for other classes which made it easier to do the summ aries in here. One thing that I really need to work on is my citations. Most of the times they need a little bit of tweaking, in order to be fully correct, there aren’t too many problems. What I learned in both this area and in MLA format will most certainly help me in later projects. During this particular project I liked it simply because it was different. It is not like the typical high school paper. One thing it could have benefited from was a little less structure. We were able to pick out our own topic which was nice but turning in our summaries every due date was a little confining. I believe that more freedom would have also been more responsibility, so I understand the structure somewhat. I began this paper with an idea. Actually, I had many ideas but my main one was my favorite. This idea has become a growing question in my own life. Does true love exist? Some people believe they can answer this question with a yes or no. This is not the answer that I want. I want a reason, explanation, but most of all information. I’m not researching that feeling you get when you see that cute guy a couple rows over in class smiling at you. I am looking at actual, forever love. I was hungry for information and began searching from many different angles. I found scientific evidence and put it right along side the religious. I read stories about terrible abuse and tales of enchanting love. The scientific evidence claimed its existence, if rare. Just by looking at divorce rates in America shows how wrong we can be about love. These are some of my favorite sources. My absolute favorite has to go to the book I read. This story speaks to me in a way that none of the articles could. One of the stories from this book tells of a girl that fought so hard for love, she almost died. The desperation that she feels is what makes this the best in my eyes. After all of this time I think I can finally say that I have an answer that makes sense to me. True love is out there for everyone somewhere. It is just up to you to find it and hold on tight. There will never be a world where everyone will find this connection but the first step is knowing what to look for. At the very least, you should know what to stay away from. This conclusion has helped me with my own life, even if it never helps another person. I wish that I could not change my question but instead write a follow up piece. If I could it would be on the history of love, how it has evolved. That topic intrigues me but the one I wrote this paper on was just right for me. How to cite True Love, Papers True Love Free Essays string(58) " love in their lives, hate the lovers as much as he does\." English 200 Poetry Explication: â€Å"True Love† by Wislawa Szymborska This paper is an essay is an analysis of Wislawa Szymborska’s poem â€Å"True Love. † When I first read the poem, I was struck by its sheer simplicity and passion at what Szymborska feels that it means for two people to be in love. However; upon further contemplation, I see how she uses the lovers to represent change in an otherwise boring and regimented world where all actions must be taken for the betterment and advancement of the state. We will write a custom essay sample on True Love or any similar topic only for you Order Now True Love† is a powerful piece that is told through the persona of an anonymous authoritarian bureaucrat who questions the value of love when compared to the needs of the state. â€Å"True Love† was written at a time when Soviet control was strangling the Eastern Bloc countries, particularly Poland. In this situation, citizens were expected to devote their lives to the advancement of the State – personal needs were secondary. In light of this situation, Szymborska forces the reader to examine the poem on a number of levels including the socio/political level and also at the base level of two people brought together as one. I will discuss how Szymborska, very cleverly, uses the lovers to illustrate how individuals can make effect change from within a system when they are passionate about their beliefs. I will also discuss that love, the most primal of mans’ needs, can be so complex in its simplicity that it can overwhelm and frighten those who misunderstand it. The first stanza of the poem consists of four lines: â€Å"True love. Is it normal, is it serious, is it practical? What does the world get from two people Who exist is a world of their own? † (lines 1-4) Szymborska begins by asking questions about love; however, is she actually asking about love or is she questioning whether it is practical for a society to acknowledge love? As an emotional human being, one would be able to answer these questions in the affirmative that, yes, love is normal and serious and practical. When people are in love, they are happy and probably more productive because of their commitment to the other person. However, when one looks at these first four lines with the jaded eye of, say, an authoritative, repressive bureaucrat then, perhaps, love serves no purpose but to get in the way of serving the state. This person might answer these same questions by saying that, though love might be normal and serious, it is not practical because how can one dedicate his/her life to society if they are more concerned about the person that they love? To this person, the world (state) would get nothing from two people who exist is a world of their own so this should not be allowed to happen. In lines 5 – 13, Szymborska uses the persona of the bureaucrat to begin casting dispersions and snide comments about the audacity that two people would have to dare fall in love. â€Å"Placed on the same pedestal for no good reason, rawn randomly from millions, but convinced it had to happen this way – in reward for what? For nothing. † (lines 5-8) In these lines, the reader begins to understand that he is now hearing the voice of the faceless bureaucrat whose soul interest is the betterment of the state. Or, perhaps, we are hearing the words of someone who has suffered through bad relations hips in the past. I believe it to be the former. Szymborska wrote this poem in 1972 in a Poland that had been under the authoritarian rule of the Soviet Union since 1945. In the six years before the Soviets, Poland was ruled by the occupational forces of the Nazi Third Reich. I am convinced that the persona that we are hearing is the voice of an authoritarian government representative – a cold, uncaring Orwellian figure. This is the section of the poem where the jaded voice of the person rings through loud and clear when he states; â€Å"it had to happen this way – in reward for what? For nothing. † (line 7-8) Of course, the person in love would disagree vehemently with this for their reward is garnered each time they look into the eyes or feel the touch of the one they love – that is part of the reward, the reciprocal love shared between two lovers. They would answer; â€Å"yes, it did happen this way and here is my (our) reward. † The persona continues his lament when he states; â€Å"The light descends from nowhere. Why on these two and not on others? Doesn’t this outrage justice? Yes it does. Doesn’t it disrupt our painstakingly erected principles, and cast the moral from the peak? Yes on both accounts. † (lines 10-13) In these lines, not only does the persona question the value of two people being in love but he also questions the existence of a higher power (God); â€Å"The light descends from nowhere. And why on these two and not others? † (lines 10-11) The persona refuses to believe God or faith could play a role in determining who falls in love or why love happens but, then wonders why these two people have been chosen to be with each other. Seemingly taken aback for a moment, the persona then falls back into his numbing, bureaucratic role when he asks the questions, and then answers his own questions, in the affirmative, about how love how love would disrupt the â€Å"painstakingly erected principles† and would the moral be cast from the peaks. The persona typifies the cold, uncaring demagogues who reveled in the Soviet occupation of Eastern European countries, never questioning those in power and ensuring that all rules were followed. â€Å"Look at the happy couple. Couldn’t they at least try to hide it, fake a little depression for their friends’ sake! Listen to them laughing – it’s an insult. † (lines 14-18) With these lines, the persona is now drawing attention to the lovers, trying to castigate them and make the other citizens, presumably those who experience no love in their lives, hate the lovers as much as he does. You read "True Love" in category "Papers" The persona’s hate, though, does not stem from a true dislike but from fear – fear that if more people began to feel love then they would not be so beholden to the state and the power of the state would be diminished. The persona states that the lovers’ laughter is an insult, though to whom is the insult directed? It is an insult to the state because, through all of the dreariness that is their life, the lovers have found something that the state cannot control (their love for each other) and they relish that. Their laughing is not an insult; quite the contrary, they are laughing because in their world they are one and that makes their world an idyllic place. The third stanza ends with the line; â€Å"And their little celebrations, rituals, the elaborate mutual routines – it’s obviously a plot behind the human race’s back! † (lines 19 – 21) To any regime, the ultimate fear is that they lose control of the citizenry – the cogs in an unemotional machine. When the persona cannot explain (or accept) how love can occur, the only â€Å"logical† answer is that it must be a plot against the state (the human race. Why else would these disrespectful citizens waste their energy on each other rather than towards the advancement of the state? Stanza four finds the poem’s persona beginning to panic as he wonders what would happen if, God forbid, more citizens begin to follow the lovers’ example and experience love for themselves; â€Å"Itâ €™s hard to even guess how far things might go if people start to follow their example. What could religion and poetry count on? What would be remembered? What renounced? Who’d want to stay within bounds? † (lines 22-26) Historically, oppressive regimes have worked hard to strictly limit what people can read, see, hear or say. This repression of free expression, it was (is) thought, helped to keep the people in line. The government begins to take on the role of a strict parent, ensuring that their naive child remains ignorant of what takes place outside their home (borders. ) However, how can that same government oppress a population that is aware of basic human rights? Therein lays the rhetorical question; how ‘ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm? (after they’ve seen paree. ) The persona is pondering this very question and fearing the worst possible outcome that a bureaucrat could imagine; â€Å"Who’d want to stay within the bounds? (line 26) The fear of seeing two people in love, walking out of step from the rest of the automaton-like population, has pushed the state (our persona) to a point of hysteria. Rather than accept that love happens, that people are unique as individuals, the persona continues to present reason to reject love; â€Å"True love. Is it really necessary? T act and common sense tell us to pass over it in silence, like a scandal in Life’s highest circles. It couldn’t populate the planet in a million years, it comes along so rarely. † (lines 27-32) Once again, the persona, having pondered the worst that can happen, deflects from acceptance of love and, instead, questions its relevance in a big-brother type society. â€Å". . . pass over it in silence, like a scandal. . . † (line 28), or â€Å"Perfectly good children are born without its help. † (line 29) direct the â€Å"good† citizens that love is an aberration. If they should ever encounter it (God forbid) they should hold their nose and walk past because it is no better than a scandal that would tear at the very fibre of the society that is looking after their needs. In fact, love is not ever required for the creation of â€Å"perfectly good† children. They state is the ultimate provider who will take care of all your needs from cradle to grave. Yes, to the poem’s persona, everything is for the advancement of the state even if that means the dehumanization of the state’s citizens. The poem ends with three chilling lines; â€Å"Let the people who never find true love keep saying there is no such thing. Their faith will make it easier for them to live and die. † (lines 33-35) According to the persona, ignorance is bliss. By continuing to march along to the state’s cadence, the â€Å"faithful† will have easy lives and nice, quiet, easy deaths. However, it is never â€Å"easy† for a thinking, rational human to simply go through the motions each day; living a meaningless life, existing only for the betterment of a faceless, emotionless entity; just another cog in the great machine. Will it have been worth it? For those who never knew that love existed, or chose to ignore love’s existence, then their lives would have been no different than those of a school of fish; simply going along to get along. For those who have experienced love and passion then their lives would have been lived to the fullest and their deaths mourned and celebrated by those whose lives they had touched with love. The â€Å"true love† mentioned in this poem is represents two principles; the first is the love that is found between two people and how, through that love, they can overcome obstacles in their lives. The power of faith and love can be powerful assets when two people are walking a path together through life. The second principle is that of social accountability that should be the responsibility of every compassionate and free thinking person. The era in which Szymborska wrote this powerful poem is testament to the poem’s social meaning. Soviet oppression was the norm and the â€Å"Big Brother† mentality among both bureaucrats and citizens alike encouraged both conformation to the rules and divulging the identities of those who would not conform. Szymborska’s poem forces the reader to identify which group he/she belonged(s) to and how their lives are affected by that decision. Works Cited Schlib, John and John Clifford, eds. Making Literature Matter: An Anthology for Readers and Writers. 4th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009. Print. How to cite True Love, Papers

Tooth Developmental Disorder Cleft Palate †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Tooth Developmental Disorder Cleft Palate? Answer: Introducation Craniofacial interruptions occur between 4th-10th weeks of embryological growth. During these stages, the mouth and nose of the fetus develop between 5th-12th weeks. The palatine ledges in fetus join at the middle and form the back of palate. If this joining gets interrupted, a gap appears and results in the formation of a cleft in the palate. Cleft palate is the second common birth anomaly worldwide. It has a prevalence of 7.75-10.63% per 10,000 births in the U.S (Mahabir et al., 2014). The completed palate is formed by the fusion of primary and secondary palates that are separated by incisive foramen, forms a complete cleft palate. The primary palate, formed by fusion of medial nasal prominences contains hard palate, located anterior to the incisive foramen and maxillary alveolar arch, which has 4 incisors. Secondary palate formation soon follows. The bilateral maxillary process gives out shelf like outgrowths during the 6th week. They vertically grow down on either sides of the tongue. The tongue moves inferiorly and migration of the palatal shelves occur above them, to a horizontal position. Uvular fusion and palatal fusion occur in anterior-posterior direction. When these medial and maxillary nasal prominences fail to fuse unilaterally or bilaterally, unilateral and bilateral cleft lips are formed with or without primary palate (Allori et al., 2017). When the palatal shelves fail to fuse, secondary palate clefts are formed. Palatal clefts are also produced by a reduction in the space of oral cavities. This impedes the displacement of tongue in downward direction. They lead to facial deformity, speech disorders, hearing impairment, feeding problems and psychological issues. Genetic predisposition may lead to this malformation (Farronato et. al., 2014). Evidence has been found that correlate formation of cleft palate to teratogen exposure in early pregnancy. Some of the drugs that can increase the risk of this congenital abnormality are ondansetron, benzodiazepine, dilantine, barbiturates and valproic acid. Retrospective studies show that maternal exposure to smoking, retinoic acid and alcohol during the first trimester of pregnancy increases the likelihood of the fetus to have oral clefts (Molina-Solana et al., 2013). These teratogens delay the closure time during palate formation and lead to this malformation. Treatment procedures are generally done within 12 months. Wider clefts are operated after the palatal shelves grow inwards and come closer. Surgeons close the cleft in the nasal lining, oral lining and the muscles. Palate repair is performed to improve speech, restore function of Eustachian tube, close oronasal fistula and minimize maxillary growth alterations. Incisions are made on either sides of the cleft and tissues are moved towards the midline or centre of the roof of the mouth. The palate gets rebuilt and the muscles are joined together. This leads to an increase in the length of the palate (Peterson-Falzone et al., 2016). This restores the feeding pattern and speech skills in the child. Speech therapies are also practiced in some children. Pharyngoplasty is carried out in those who report persistent speech problems. Fine refinements in the palate are often done by a maxillofacial surgeon in teenagers. Thus, cleft palate treatment involves plastic surgeons, speech therapisits, ENT surgeons and orthodontists. References Allori, A. C., Mulliken, J. B., Meara, J. G., Shusterman, S., Marcus, J. R. (2017). Classification of cleft lip/palate: then and now.The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal,54(2), 175-188. Farronato, G., Cannalire, P., Martinelli, G., Tubertini, I., Giannini, L., Galbiati, G., Maspero, C. (2014). Cleft lip and/or palate.Minerva stomatologica,63(4), 111-126. Mahabir, R. C., Tanaka, S. A., Jupiter, D. C., Menezes, J. M. (2014). Reply: updating the epidemiology of isolated cleft palate.Plastic and reconstructive surgery,133(1), 68e-69e. Molina-Solana, R., Yez-Vico, R. M., Iglesias-Linares, A., Mendoza-Mendoza, A., Solano-Reina, E. (2013). Current concepts on the effect of environmental factors on cleft lip and palate.International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery,42(2), 177-184. Peterson-Falzone, S. J., Trost-Cardamone, J., Karnell, M. P., Hardin-Jones, M. A. (2016).The Clinician's Guide to Treating Cleft Palate Speech-E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences.

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Radiologic Technologist (Radiographer or X-Ray Technician) Essay Example

Radiologic Technologist (Radiographer or X-Ray Technician) Paper Radiologic Technology is the science of using radiation to produce the images that radiologist use to diagnose injury and disease. Radiologic technologist or radiographer function as part of the health care team by assisting physicians, namely radiologist, in procedures, operating imaging equipment, positioning, and care of patients. . The radiographer is also responsible for patient and personal safety, as well as upkeep of equipment. To be able to perform these duties, radiographers must follow guidelines set down by various organizations and be able to perform duties in a professional, caring manner. To become radiologic technologists, students must graduate from an accredited radiologic technology program and pass the national board exam, known as the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). There are both college-based and hospital-based programs. The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) accredits these programs. Training includes radiation safety, proper positioning and procedures, patient care, as well as ethical and legal standards. With experience and additional training, staff technologists may become specialists, performing CT scanning, ultrasound, cardiovascular angiography, and magnetic resonance imaging as well as becoming an educator. Experienced technologists may also be promoted to supervisor, chief radiologic technologist, and ultimately to radiographer manager. The ARRT is responsible for testing and provides certification for these advancement positions. Radiographers work in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics and outpatient centers. We will write a custom essay sample on Radiologic Technologist (Radiographer or X-Ray Technician) specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Radiologic Technologist (Radiographer or X-Ray Technician) specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Radiologic Technologist (Radiographer or X-Ray Technician) specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) accredits hospitals and makes sure hospitals maintain expected standards. Today, many hospitals are affiliated with Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO). All members of the health care team in these hospitals help keep costs down by promoting preventative care. They must be role models for good health to set an example for patients. The imaging department of a hospital is usually headed by the radiographer manager who works closely with radiologists and administration to establish policies and budgets. Under the manager is the chief technologist who schedules staff, maintains supplies, and sees to day to day operations. Staff radiographers must follow the chain of command to function as part of the health care team. Radiologic technologists are represented on a national level by the American Society of Radiologic Technologist (ASRT). The ASRT helps provided educational opportunities, monitors legislation that affects the profession, and establishing standards of practice. Each state also has their own society that helps contribute to the advancement of the profession. The society established a Scope of Practice, which defines responsibilities, required qualifications and duties, allowed to perform by radiographers. A Position Description defines specific duties of the various specialty imaging areas as well as staff radiographer. Local standards prevail over national or state standards. The ASRT and the ARRT developed a Code of Ethics for technologist to provide a high standard of conduct. The principles cover prejudices, professional behavior, confidentiality, and safety responsibilities. By adhering to these principles, technologists can minimize the possibility of having a lawsuit brought against them. Another important aspect of the job is to take care of personal physical and mental well being. To be able to help others, radiographers must maintain good health and be able to cope with stresses of work and personal life. In Maslow’s hierarchy of need, self-actualization is the ultimate goal. When technologist achieve this goal they are able to cope with stresses, and have the ability to focus on patients to provide quality care.